13 Ways To Spend Time With Your Family And Kids During Lockdown.

13 ways to spend time with family in the lockdown

So it has been a year and more, with all the things going around. And we all are trying to be fine by whatever it takes. It is a tough time but this too shall pass. And many of us are still working or others are having a break from things being there with the family, as this is the need of the hour. In the end, family is all that counts, there is no place like home and these times have very much made us realise this.

So why not make this time a little creative and valuable, valuable enough to spend time and to make the family and kids involved in something productive Here we can help you a little on how you can take it that way.

Starting from the very first which almost all of us are aware of.

Here are different ways to spend time with family during lockdown.

1. ORIGAMI / PAPER ART – A single piece of paper can do wonders, yes right you are
guessing it correct but here we can use them for doing little creative work, and children are so much into all this. Like from the collection of papers of choice to their colours and types, whether to be plain, glittered or little rugged. Then going into teams and grandparents getting along with the kids, trust me no one would deny this because it is better than sitting all alone and getting bored skipping a chance to get involved with kids in this fun activity. And at last, ending up with the lovely creations, showing them off to the neighbours and relatives over Whats app status, sounds cool, doesn’t it.

ways to spend time with family during lockdown

2. COOKING & DINING ETIQUETTES – Food over everything, who does not love to eat. But few know how to cook and very little of them are Maggie person, okay jokes apart. Having plenty of time these days people can take special care of what they are eating, from preparing their favourite meal to adding their secret ingredient. But how fun it would be to involve the kids in the task. Asking them what they would love to have and asking them to be around helping with little things, they get to learn the basics and get excited about your approach. Soon after the dining table full of multiple dishes prepared by all, it would taste heavenly. Teaching them about how to present the food and the proper manner to have a particular food, are basics yet important things to take care of.

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3. KNITTING – Guess who would be the happiest in the family, of course, the lovely grandmother. While the elderly woman in the family much often spends their times on this, it would be great to add others to the squad too.
The kids would be happy knitting some scarf and other stuff. Grab the knitting needles and some yarn to get started, it’s not a very tough task to do once all aspects are familiar to us. And after watching kids involved in it the men in the family would surely give a hand too. I think this would be a great opportunity to vibe together.

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4. TEACHING THEM ABOUT FAMILY HISTORY & RITUALS – Wherever we go, whatever we do, whoever we become we should be connected to our roots. Because whatever we are is all because of them, we are their part and carrying them with us wherever we go. One should be all aware of their grandparents and great grandparents, their names and whatever they used to do. And the knowledge about the family beliefs and rituals is as important as everything else. And the children should be very proudly made familiar with all this.

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5. REPAIRING & RECREATING OLD, BROKEN THINGS – We do have some antique or old gadgets kept at some corners around the house which are no more in use but they are something we never want to get rid of. So it’s time to take them out, grab some paint and polish them. Or to rejoin them so that they would be presentable.

At least they can contribute as decorative. And kids here got the job to come up with ideas, how to paint them or make them look good. That can be anything like an old lamp, dada ji’s radio, eyeglasses, an umbrella with holes or anything which can be worked with. This would be great fun I say.

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6. DIY ROOM DECORATION The place where we live, reflects what we are. Every room in our homes holds a specific identity, so its decoration plays a specific part in this. In a very low budget and from.the things in the house which are not in much use, asking kids to select a particular corner and do some work on it. A room per group or per day can be a great idea. This will help them understand the importance of teamwork and coordination, make them creative, and they will enjoy it too. And after it is done, when you will look back to the creation you made, that moment will be wholesome.

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7. WORKOUT / YOGA WITH FUN ZUMBA DANCE – So usually people are sitting and not doing much exciting work during the lockdown, exercise and meditation is an important part of life. To be fit and healthy is all we want. But here the children many times find it boring too. But we can add a little fun and excitement to it. This is how just make teams and select a particular time do follow it daily. And work out together. Ask kids to learn any of the yoga poses and teach you, they will take it as a great opportunity, you ask them for it and this will make them confident, which will help them in learning things and more in the upcoming time. And end the session with some energetic Zumba moves, it will add more energy to it. They won’t ever get afraid to face anything, just prepare enough for anything that comes their way.

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8. Scrapbook – Okay so many of us already are aware of this. And we can have a great time on this activity. We know we have old albums and pictures lying around the house, not in a good place but yes they are kept these safe. So why not now, it is the time to go grab them, organise them in order and take a sheet of your choice, add the photos as a collage and ask kids to draw their doodles or drawings and whatever they want to write beside the pictures. This will take you down the lane, lane of memories, and it can be kept with you forever. This will make kids the importance of things in life and how we can treasure them.

ways to spend time with family during lockdown

9. Make them learn their native language or other – We know we are growing and going places, but wherever we go we should not forget where we belong to. Where we came from. Our native place and the native languages are our assets, we deserve them and they deserve us as well. Mostly these days people move to different cities in search of good exposure and development of kids, that is fine but children are not familiar with their native language, we can help them learn it. It would be great and they would know more than the one language they speak. Apart from this, any other languages can be taught to them, which can be helpful in upcoming times. And these are the early ages in life where they can catch things more accurately and easily.

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10. Mnemonics to Learn – In this era of fast learning, everything is advanced, we need to go with the flow. Sitting for hours and working over things, why take this long if we can do it easily. So I don’t know how much of us are aware of this but yes this is keeping us quickly learn things. We can learn facts and a lot of information easily. Can be in any form, as a poem, a particular sentence, rhyme, images songs. These are a life saviour. Help kids to form their MNEMONIC, from their favourite cartoon, or songs or whatever they want to. This is going to be a wonderful thing to do.

acronym fast used mnemonic 260nw 1398163901 1 13 Ways To Spend Time With Your Family And Kids During Lockdown.
The acronym “FAST” is used as a mnemonic to help a person having a stroke. “FAST” stands for “facial drooping”, “arm weakness”, “speech difficulties” and “time to call emergency services”.

11. Verbal Skills and understanding – Personality development is something that enhances us as a person. The way how we talk, we walk, we address people, body language, our expressions everything makes a huge impact on us as well as people around us. The kids are going to be the representative of our nation, and one can easily be captivated by our behaviour and their way to treat us. So it is a very important thing to teach them from the very beginning. The art of talking, the art of presenting themselves, the art of understanding. Everything matters and this is going to shape them for what comes next.

ways to spend time with family during lockdown

12. Planting- The time is tough, this virus since the year has been an unfortunate event. We never expected this was coming and with the moving time, it is becoming more deadly. And this time is teaching us a lot too. Struggling for things and Oxygen. Can you imagine oxygen which we use to get almost without any cost, the trees, these natural resources they use to provide us with it all? But what we human did to them is disastrous and it is a very tough time. So why not involve kids in something important and tell them to take care of it in times. Ask them to take a plant and tell them the important steps of the plantation, and how to take care of them. Watering the plants, providing them with all they need. The kids will learn a lot and the importance of plants in their life.

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13. Make them Learn any instrument of their choice – creativity comes from within, sometimes we know what we want to do the other time’s someone else makes us realise it. So why not be a hero to your kids. Ask them if they love playing any instrument or whatever they are interested in. Get them one, sit with them. Make them learn a bit daily, they will feel good, emotionally and mentally as well. It will help them refresh their mind from all going around and everyone will have quality time together in these tough times.

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Apart from all this, there can be various fun activities too, just mood refreshing. As Indoor games can be played, like chess, carom, ludo or else. They will help everyone sit together and learn the tactics and how to win it at the end without judging each other or creating a mess. And talking with each other about how you feel or how you are happy for having each other at the end of the day.

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