Need Some Best Home Decor Ideas, Read Before You Regret It


Why is home decor a must? 

Decorating something means adding values to it. Or giving it a better perspective. The more you go towards creating, the more alive and efficient you feel. Now the place where you live reflects how you live. So let’s explore how you can make your homes more appealing by adding little things to them.. 

Home decor ideas

A home consists of various rooms and each one of them seeks to be their specialty. There can be plenty of things and ideas we can add to them for making a better place to be in.  

Particular color themes are important;

When it comes to decoration, the main thing that should be taken care of is the selection of colors. Because that thing will be mostly seen throughout the time. And it is needed to be cheerful and elegant. 

Select a particular theme ( for each room or entire house ) :

Either you can keep something different for each room or go for a single one throughout the house, it is up to you. But make sure it should not look odd as simple is perfect in every case. Or you can just decorate different rooms separated by whatever idea you carry for them or go for the same throughout your place. 


Select different shapes for things ( selection of right size is so important) :

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When you look for a certain item to keep in homes, you are so selective. What should be the shape, size, and texture? How big or small it should be, keeping in mind the space around. And that’s the perfect thought to be picky as you have to live with them for most of the years. Now go and choose the best you can. 

 Apart from all these things you need to make a decent choice for all the items to be decorated around different places. It can include things that are to be kept on the floor, walls, ceilings, roof, or anyplace else. Some of the things you can count on are- Paintings, decals, wall hangings, chimes, fancy or decent mirrors, sculptures, lamps, and chimneys. Ornamental plants, vases with flowers.Wall and ceiling decors, Floor rugs, indoor fountains, etc. These all can fit perfectly on the list. 

How to make home decor 

Now when you are on the journey to add decorations and new things to your home, nothing should stop you. You can just grab anything and make it work; all you need is an approach towards creativity and composition. In this list, there can be things which you can make and apply on your own or with the help of anyone willing to do it. So just get up, put on your playlist, and get ready for some magic with music.


Drawings and Paintings: 

These are something all of you have tried in life at least once. Or maybe now your child is the artist in the house, or it can be your grandmother, uncle, father, mother, mother-in-law, wife, who knows. Any of their best work can be framed and can be created into an outstanding decorative piece.

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A piece of art you ever made:

Now when you talk about art. It has gone a long way. From a few color splashes on a blank sheet to some accurate cuts on fruits is all we can see around. And it is amazing to explore more. You can see around or make them on your own such as Mandala art, Aipan arts, DIY rugs using old clothes or threads, Papercrafts, etc.

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Wall paintings using Acrylic paints:

This is something I also love doing and I ask my friends and siblings to join me on this. Creating your designs or copying them from somewhere. Adding your colors to them, isn’t it so cool?

Recreation of antique materials:

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We all have old pieces of stuff kept at home at some corners who know deep down they are willing to be out in this world again. Like an old lamp, a telephone, kettle, or else. Just wash them out and paint them, give them some life and they won’t disappoint after being kept at some visible range in the house grabbing the attention of visitors. 

Plants and painted Vessels:

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The vessels you keep your plants in can be well decorated with things and you can show your other creativity to them as well. 



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Mirrors are some of the best things one can see these days, The variety of choices and patterns are way too appealing. You can just make them a little more attractive by adding stones or little paintings around them. 

Cool quotes and captions on walls: 

When you wake up each morning you look around and see a quote well written in bold on your wall above and boom you find it so helpful that you are ready to lead the day as you want. This is how a little thing can make a difference, so add your favorite lines around and add some good vibes. 

Handmade pillow and cushion covers:

bedroom decor ideas


Apart from all things above you can also go for this one. All those cushions and pillows will enhance the view and you can paint them or knit something which looks good on them. This will make a good choice to go for. 


Home decor wallpapers: 

wall de



Wallpapers are something that covers the entire area and magnifies its look. As in homes nowadays people are more into choosing them other than just painting and all. 

There can be several choices on this as well. People can go for their favorite options as they got washable ones, non-washables, plain, bordered, monochromatic, colored, metallic, wooden, the one which can be repositioned, the self-adhesives, paintings, vintage,

Different materials can be used such as grasscloth, wood, fabrics, papers,  vinyl-coated wallpapers.

bedroom decor, wall decor


Different themes can be selected for better results. Like you can go for a particular color design or texture. And you can find wallpapers with simple patterns, flowers, and textures on them. Smart, cool, vintage, funky, classy, monochromatic themes, and many other options are there. So one can decide and go or can select after seeing all of them. Whatever suits you well. 


Home decor flowers 

home flowers decor , plants


Flowers are so charming, they are a sign of hope. It feels good to be around them, their presence is enough to give that lovely aura in day-to-day life. 

When it comes to homes and decoration Flower decoration doesn’t stay back. Home decor with flowers should be a top priority as you got plenty of options. Either you can go for artificial flowers for wall decorations or real ones or you can go for both. Just make sure they go with the surroundings. 

Here is how and what you should prefer keeping. On a list of ornamental plants, you can grab. 

Silver Nerve Plant:

It is a good choice for decorative purposes and also purifies the air around it. 

String Of Pearls:

home decor flower


They look pretty and are so easy to take care of. 

Water Bamboo:

flowers decor


It is a plant that brings positive vibes and good luck to you. So go and grab it as soon as possible.

Silver Dollar Plant:

Best to be kept near windows where the sun kisses them every day. 

Chinese Money Plant:

A plant with lots of positiveness, helps you be in a favorable and prosperous environment and is a sign of good luck in life. 

Areca Palm:

If you require peace then this is a perfect fit as it also brings prosperity, absorbs indoor pollutants, and releases oxygen even at night. So you can sleep well enough at night without worrying about oxygen shortage too. 

English Ivy:

One of the best air-purifying plants that can be hung over baskets or can be kept anywhere too.

Aloe Vera:

home decor, flower decor


Almost everyone is aware of it. This rich source of antioxidants and vitamins is useful for the skin as well. It is a therapeutic plant that everyone should own. 

On top of all these, it is very important to keep in mind the places they should be kept as in a group or a row, or the ones which are kept singly somewhere they look perfect fit. There are even good options on artificial ones as well. You can go and explore more on this. 


Wall decoration ideas bedroom

After a tiring and hectic day when you come home all you want is to lay down on your comfy bed and be around your space. Bedrooms are meant to be your place, most of the time you spend being there and it should bring harmony and positive vibes to you. How you decorate a room wall and how you bring out the symmetry is very important. 

So an excellent decor around the area is a must, the choice is yours as there are sea full of options to go for, Few of the things you can opt for are-

Memories, Memories here we are:

bedroom wall decor


Looking around the space while being with your loved ones and going in that deep lane of memories are always precious. It can be some old photographs or the photo when you first met someone, the first date, the first tea/coffee together, the first selfie with all those funny faces doesn’t it sound cool, of course, and it would look beautiful hung over the walls in your space too.

Mirror mirror on the wall :

wall mirror, bedroom decor


Standing over there in your territory and looking gracefully towards yourself is something everyone wants. And a perfect mirror in between will make it happen. Just go and grab some amazing designs and patterns and you are ready to slay. 

Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok it is time for a walk:

bedroom decor ideas


Time plays an essential role in life, whether it is your time to get up, watch your favorite show, arrive for your meeting, or else. And an elegant clock on the wall will not only help you know what you are supposed to do but also will bring good looks around the space.

Every art speaks:

bedroom wall art decor


Art is something that never goes out of fashion. Now on a list to know how do you decorate a wall behind the bed you can go for some good ones and it surely will give those plus points to the area. 

Mural Paintings/ Decals / Mandala / Aipan Art:

bedroom wall art, bedroom decor



wall decoration idea bedroom


These are some of the arts which enhance a place and their uniqueness is so far from everything. All you need is to choose something that fits well and boom your place lights up within a few minutes. 

Wall arts, Lamps, Antique items, Calendars, Curtains, Chimes, Candles, Ornamental plants, Hats, Plates, Crafts, or your favorite things can be added to the list too and can be kept accordingly. 

So with all the options above you are ready to bring out changes and add more life to the home. Because I believe ‘A home is a place you live in and your home lives within you’ and it should be full of life and be the one you deserve. And after reading the above article you will no more have doubts like how do I get home decor ideas? And how to make home decor.  

Also, the ideas never stop, and so does creativity. Don’t limit yourself to anything and who knows you can add something of your own to the list above and help people explore more.


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