7 Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees In 2021

Diwali gift ideas for employees


Diwali comes with a lot of joy, enthusiasm, and hope. And for this event to make it more important people use to give each other the token of love, sweets, and other things. Everyone deserves the whole joy of this festival. Let them be the children, old people, parents or any employees. They wait for this festival for a long time so the wait should be worth it.

Why do we give gifts during Diwali? The answer is simple because everyone loves getting gifts.

So here is the list of 7  Diwali gift ideas for employees in 2021 you can give them including your friends, or family members according to your comfort.


1. Diwali Gift Ideas For Employees Or Office Staff Diwali gift ideas for employees, Diwali gifts

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Just like you have a family at home, the same way you have a family at work too. The more you take care of them and their needs the more they will be preserved around. What do you give an employee for Diwali? This question often hits people but here you can get some ideas. 

gift ifeas for employees

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Diwali gift ideas, Diwali gift for employees

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So if Diwali is there then they deserve some gifts  too like-

  • Sweets are something that fits the occasion so just grab ample sweets and pass it around to the folks around. They will happily carry them home and will enjoy it with their family.
  • Idols are one of the best choices, the festival is there so there is happiness around so little many blessings would be merrier. And you can also prefer gifting some books to them. 
  • What makes an individual happy, if their family is cared for and well treated so not only they but you can get their children and other family members little things too such as, Candles, a small piece of jewelry for the wives and chocolates and toys for kids. Or a tie or anything else for husbands. 
  • Plants in a pot or any ornamental plants to keep indoors.
  • Dry fruits, who doesn’t love them. They are good and can be kept for long too.
  • In festivals of light grab something which lightens up their life such as table lamps, candles, and other lights. And 
  • Or just give them a raise or bonus so they can bring themselves and their family whatever they prefer and get some party organised where they would feel free to enjoy and be happy for a day. 


2. Diwali Gift Ideas For Family

A family is living on different branches of a tree which is all over the area and standing there gracefully. There are different people in a family which are from different genders, different age groups, and different professions too. 

Diwali gift ideas for family

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So here let’s dive into the few things you can gift to your dear ones this Diwali which will fit their category. 

 a. Children, (The one who is studying either in school or in colleges)-

The little ones are most joyous during the festival and most of the kids love this festival of lights and sweets. Enjoying around with happy faces they lighten up the event to the peak. 

The most considerate gifts you can get the kids for making their festival more delightful can be found below.

Diwali gift ideas family

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  • Bring some games to them, the ones they always talked about or they were curious to play some days. 
  • Cars with remote control, superhero costumes, and a toy of their favourite  superhero can do wonders. 
  • Digital cameras for kids, dollhouse sets, doctor sets, or something else they would love to have.
  • A cute piggy bank would be great as it would interest them in savings too. 
  • Art and craft kits for bringing out the creative side inside them.
  • A cute furry friend unannounced would bring more joy to the event.


Apart from this, there can be many other things you always wanted to bring them or they always insisted you bring.

b. Grandparent’s (The ones who are in their 70’s and 80’s but still they are so full of life and merry around)

All they want is love and affection but a few little things can do some for them

Diwali gift ideas

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  • A photograph with them well framed on a wall in the house.
  • Prepare their favourite  food or sweets.
  • Bring them some good clothes which would provide compassion to them.
  • Some books they are interested in.
  • Be around them and click pictures or sing and swing with them. 

c. Parents (The keepers in the family)

They are the ones who never ask for anything but the happiness of the family. So do a little for them and they would not forget it for life.

Diwali gifts, Diwali gift ideas

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Diwali gifts for parents, Diwali gift ideas

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  • Any gadget they are running out of or they love such as. a good handy cell phone, watch, clock, a good cleaner, or equipment for their daily life.
  • A comfortable sofa or chair with some good features
  • Give them a photo album or some handmade scrapbooks
  • A beautiful Sculpture of any god, goddess, or lucky charm. 
  • Handmade cards or some cookies or sweets which you prepare by yourself, it will make them happy and proud at the same moment.
  • Comfortable cushions, Massager, photo frames, lamps are a few other things you can go for. 
  • They are parents and they always will be so get them a plant and see how they take care of it for life

d. Siblings And Cousins (The special ingredients in the dish)

Diwali gift ideas, Diwali gift

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  • Go, Gadgets. Yes, either they would be studying or in university, it is going to be the best thing for them. There are plenty of gadgets you can count on and all of them will fit the void. 
  •  Any jewellery  or dress they ever wanted or a pair of shoes or a t-shirt of a particular type. 
  • 3- Any musical instrument such as guitar, piano, flute. 
  • 4- Customised gifts such as Coffee mugs, pen stands, table clocks, hangers, frames, fairy lights.
  • 5- Wind chime  for some good vibes and luck.

e. The One In A Family Who Is Employees Or Is Working-Diwali gift ideas for family

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They would love to receive anything and you should get them which would be the best choice under their requirements. 

  • Smart gadgets are so much on the go these days and they would be glad to have any of them.
  • Pen drives, hard disk, memory cards, 
  • A cool pair of dresses to fit their profession and all other things which would support them. 

gift ideas, Diwali gift ideas

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Now I guess you can have answers for the doubts like, What is the best Diwali gift for a family? 

3. Diwali Gift Ideas For Friends

Like festivals come in life and bring a lot of joy same way friends are like festivals in life exciting, joyful and dearest and everyone loves them. 

So if they bring happiness to you by just their presence you need to do at least a little by giving them some presents for them. Because wherever they go the gifts will be with them. 

 Some of the ideas for gifts to get for your friends this festival 

  • Chocolates, cookies, sweets 

Diwali gift ideas, Diwali giftsDiwali gift ideas for friends, Gift ideassource:amazon.com

  • Handmade scrapbooks and cards to remind them that they mean a lot to you and you appreciate their presence in your life. 
  • Decorative for the festival- Candles and diyas are such great choices for the occasion. And for walls, you can get the photo frames and all. 
  • Gadgets – Earphones, watches, power bank, smart clock, 
  • Handcraft, artwork made by you, or anything you bought from someplace you ever visited. 
  • Idols of God and Goddess for the festival. 
  • Ornamental plants 
  • Jewellery- Necklace, pendant, ring, anklet. 
  • Makeup kit for girls and boys, some beard and hair gels and serums. 
  • Deodorants and perfumes. 

4. Homemade Diwali Gift Ideas 

Handmade is something which can never go out of style and you can never go out of ideas for. Just hold on and you will be running through plenty of ideas here.

When we talk about handmade we try to create something with all the things we can prepare by ourselves either by cooking, cutting, pasting, sticking, or stitching. 

  • The one you can cook and bake 

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Go run to the kitchen and grab all ingredients, turn on the music and get into it. Make sure of the amount of sugar and salt you put into it haha. you can prepare these things –

  • Cookies of different shapes and sizes with different items in them.  
  • Cupcakes are way too cute and look so perfect. Mix different flavours  and colours  and prepare some different groups of them so everyone would get a chance to grab their favourites  from the table. 
  • Cake yummy, there are plenty of things available on the market which can help you bake easy and tasty cakes on an easy go.
  • Other things you can prepare which will be best for the occasion are Shahi tukda, ras malai, any sweets of your choice, samosa, jalebi, pagoda with chutney. My mouth is just so filled with water right now and I am looking forward to preparing them when the day arrives. and hope you are ready too. 


  • The one to gift as a showpiece and decorativeHand made Diwali gifts, Diwali gifts

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  • Any of the handmade crafts or paperwork can be given.
  • Hangers or wall art prepared with all those little decorative.
  • Fairy lights with photographs 
  • Cards and photo frames are well decorated from the outside.
  • Antique and old things were painted and recreated again.
  • Wooden art or anything that is made by some creativity into anything. 
  • Any piece of cloth painted with beautiful colours  or any caption written on it.
  • Cushion and pillow covers, covers, etc. 


5. Diwali Gift Ideas For Wife

Diwali gift ideas for wife

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Wife, the better half in life who makes the life full. Full of happiness, full of surprises, full of enthusiasm, full of meanings. 

This Diwali does something and gives her all the values and love she deserves. From taking care of you, your parents to your children and your friends she deserves to be taken care of too. To be around someone who just stays there and appreciates her presence is what she truly aspires to. 

So on the day of the festival just take a break from other things. Plan a sweet dinner or cook together. Grab sweets and watch any of your favourite  movies or series. Sometimes just being around the right person is all you desire. 


Also if you want to get her some things to make her realize how important she is to you then my friends you need to stick around a few more minutes here. 

  • Decorative – She would love to take care of you and the house too and on the day when you bring some things which can bring out the best in your house she will be so happy. Get some candles of different patterns and designs with accurate scent with elegant stands, some diya’s painted beautifully.
  • Just get some colours for her so that she can prepare the rangoli, as it is the specific event in the festival and for the doubts like Why do people put coloured  sand in front of their homes for Diwali? One should understand that it is an important ritual followed all around.  Wall hangings with artistic designs, wall frames, cool artworks, and some beautiful paintings would be perfect. 
  • Table lamps, lights to put around, smart gadgets for the home.
    Diwali gift ideas
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  • Chocolates and flowers- The little things can bring out a lot of meaning when it comes from the heart. Just grab her favourite  chocolates or flowers she loves and she will be the happiest ever.
  • Gadgets for her – A watch, table clock or digital wall clock, Bluetooth speaker, headphones, new phone. Diwali gift ideas

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  • Hand-made or DIY things – Write some sweet lines for her and tell her whatever you feel or how much you appreciate whatever she does. grab some glass jar tie ribbons around the neck and put the notes inside and look at her happy face while she takes them out one by one and smiles.
  • You can also prepare a bouquet with chocolates, candies, flowers, and cards in between. Diwali gifts
  • Prepare her favourite  meal or drive her to her beloved restaurant. 
  • Jewellery, With her grace when she walks around in those beautiful jewels gifted by you it will lighten up the surroundings.  So go and grab some stunning pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, or anklets for her. 
  • Bring any decorative plant either with flowers or unique patterns. 
  • Get some makeup kit with scents, her favourite  lipstick shades, hair serums, and eye shades. They are available in plenty. 


Here let us end up by knowing What is the most popular myth about Diwali?

Diwali significance

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Since ancient times, it is believed that years ago on this day Hindu Lord Rama along with his beloved wife Sita and brother Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya after spending 14 years away in exile. And for their welcome, the entire state was lightened up and decorated with lights, and diyas and sweets were distributed around. And it is still celebrated around with the same enthusiasm and celebration. 

To conclude here, we came across different ideas under the various sections of gifts to give to someone and we hope that it helped you all. 


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