11 Decor Ideas For The Wedding Spot This Season

decor ideas for wedding

Having a dream wedding idea or how to hold on to everything from beginning to end and the memories, all happy moments you carry for a lifetime are precious.

Weddings, I believe are something where one soul meets the other to lead each other till the end. Also, the journey holds a lot of stories, emotions, sacrifices, decisions, and love. Apart from all this ‘the wedding day is something everyone has dreamt about, right? Upcoming  decor ideas for the wedding will keep your hopes high for something you want to accomplish on your special day.

And to make it possible we can add things to it, things which can be noticeable by all people who are a part of it. Who will someday tell a story to their kids, grandkids, or grand grandkids? Who knows. Well, a decoration I believe plays a huge role to enlighten any event and those little things matter a lot.


So here you people can grab some of the ideas to make your wedding a ‘ Dream Wedding ‘.Some of the decorative ideas would be perfect in any location or will go for anyone. Enjoy!



I do believe the entrance should be huge. I mean why not? The gate and the way throughout the stage all need to be just perfect. The main entrance portal is decorated with pretty flowers, leaves, fairy lights, or balloons. Depends all on the theme, if we want to take it in light shades, or rainbow colours, or something vintage.

With flower petals lying around, leading toward the most important magical moments of your life. Or just the bridesmaids standing in line holding the cool umbrellas, flower bouquet, balloons welcoming you to move ahead with a song playing in the background that is too of your choice, doesn’t it sound precise.

Decor Ideas For The Wedding


Now as the guests have arrived through the opening gate and they are already adorning it, so passing through the way towards the grand arena you can lay out the attractive rugs or carpets. They would add up more charm to the venue. Some vibrant ones or the one which matches the decoration around or with the dresses would be perfect. You can go for different designs and I would say different shapes would look elegant too.

Decor Ideas For The Wedding


Welcoming or handling the wedding or any event needs a lot of planning and hard work. And to lead everything to go according to plan is what everyone aims for. But it requires a lot of people to be at a specific place and tell about things. So I think here these ‘signs’ can be a perfect sub. Let the rest of you enjoy the ceremony too.

They in an easy way will lead the guests to wherever they want to or whatever they want to do and that too without anyone’s assistance. Will give a good view as well. Here too we can add more charm like- how we want the boards and sign to be presented, the fonts we want to use, the colours  selection or can pick up a particular theme. Because it’s always good to have a plan.

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Such a glorious event and adding a little more will just lighten it up to its best. And here we do have perfect fit ‘string lights’ what we call them. They look so cool I tell you. Just grab some elements and add them up to the ceilings.

Especially for dark places hanging them up all over the room in a sequence or highlighting a particular location or wherever you want to put them up. They will go everywhere and will brighten up space in a graceful way. They are just different from fairy lights as they have a lot of glow as compared to them which makes them a great choice to go for.

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This can be one of the best choices one can make. Doesn’t matter where the entire event is going to be held you can go with them anywhere. They just not look too impressive but also indicates a particular location they are kept at. And you can keep them around the special areas so they would be brought out more. Nowadays you can have plenty of choices for them as well such as hanging lanterns, romantic ones with flowers, woodland, basket lanterns, rust chic, simple metallic or geometric or can go for all different at several areas. You got a lot of alternatives and the preference is all yours.

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After walking down a long aisle when you lookup ahead your groom waiting all along there, every eye on you. Well I bet the feeling would be beautiful I don’t know, have not experienced it yet but the thought of it is giving those goosebumps. I mean, of course, you would love to see someone out there, that beautiful human you are going to spend your life with. So the place you both will be standing right now is so important and it should be made more special by a little addition to it.

So you can have a lot of choices in case of flowers or other options are also there such as Paradis Hanging, marigold flowers are a perfect choice, floating flowers on a huge vase, it is an easy one tho. Or you can write something by adding flowers over there. It would look good.

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Go green! We can go with this motto anywhere. And if you are a nature lover, this will just click you in the right places. It’s like adding that organic touch to the occasion and potted plants, creepers, succulents, or plants with fancy flowers and leaves will not only look. cool but leave a grand impression on everyone there. They are not only good for the environment but also will great good vibes around. Just keep them in a fancy way, decorate them over a ladder or racks and they are all set to be the little favourites  to everyone.

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They are the little shiny parts that can emphasise  a lot. Yes, they are a little different from string lights as they glow less but are enough to give a fairytale kind of vibes. Those tiny bulbs glowing in their way provide a lot of happiness to someone and can boost us up emotionally too.

2 good vibes only netflix fairy led string lights by fufuh 11 Decor Ideas For The Wedding Spot This Season


Papers just never go out of fashion. They are a perfect fit everywhere. You want to gift something to someone, make a card with all your heart. Want to spend time with kids ask them to join on paper art craft with you. And this idea can lighten up a ceremony as well. You can put them in the kid’s section the colourful  and vibrant origami or cool crafts. And for adults, some vintage and calm ones would be accurate.

Origami flowers hung up somewhere or tired as a bouquet would look beautiful especially the lilies, origami cranes are believed to bring happiness to life as they denote devotion and honour. Little boxes, kites, hearts, or stars all are there and the most important thing is they are unique and reasonable as well.

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Theirs  soothing and healing properties make them a perfect fit for anything. It burns and glorifies not only itself but also the life of the people around. Candles here can be a good choice while you think about decoration. Here also you do have an option for ‘floating candles’ I mean fill up some water in large containers with flowers on it and leave them over there burning their territory. And you can go for scent one, their odorous  all over will mesmerise  the presence.

You can use them in different patterns like small ones, big ones, any geometric shapes, or scents. The colour  may vary or you can also pick the decent white ones and put them at entrances or at the area where the entire event is going to be held.

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The stunning ceilings are great to go. Adding decorations to them will enlighten up the whole function. And from those hundreds of guests, someone will give a stare towards them. So here you won’t fail because you already made your move for the ceiling. Can put up fairy lights or other lighting objects like chimney, lamps or else, disco balls can be preferred as well, dazed drapes and & drooping butterflies would look pretty, chandeliers and scalloped drapes are also there or we can also add some mirror strings.

Everything you will be choosing should go with the theme and you are all done to make this one the one.

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Apart from all these, you have gone through above anything which you would think will go for the event, of course, you should add to it. A few ones that also could be an option are photo display walls, layered with lights, or fountains. Blossoms trees, oversized captions trestle tables would fit here too. These little things can add up a lot to your day, will leave a remarkable impression on everyone, and will make it a day worth it.

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