21 DIY Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Look Marvelous

A home is a place where your life begins. Your home belongs to you and you belong to your home as well. So the place you belong should look presentable enough to tell about you and your stories. To make it a better place by the environments well as looks we can contribution several things from our sides.

DIY home decor, home decor ideas

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One of the most appealing ways is DIY home decors, very much in the process and creative too. DIY in simple terms is a process where people go with a maxim of ‘do it yourself ‘. This is a way you can create things that you want to work on. Just a little creativity added to some old stuff and it is all ready to do wonders and is quite affordable as well plus it will bring productivity and aptitude within you. Well, Google knows it but not you so here they are.

So why wait let’s grab some snacks, sit on our couches and learn about a few of the DIY ideas you can easily work with to decorate your home.


This comes with a long-range of decorations, I mean we can put them up anywhere. Let it be around the corners of our room or mirrors, around doors, or within hooks with our pictures clipped with them. We can also keep them up to season jar lights. Or can write something using them on a particular wall in form of bold calligraphy.

We can put them around lanterns or shelves as well, and they would look wonderful highlighting those areas. Or we can say we can use them wherever we want to, just keeping in mind that it should look presentable enough.

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Doesn’t matter it is a Champagne glass or any other they all could be used here. So the deal is nothing we just need to keep them at specific places on shelves as a showpiece, a little artwork could be done to them like, a little work of glitters or ribbons or small stones or flowers wrap around the neck. They would give that classy glimpse.

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Empty walls would be cool but there is no harm in putting some dashing and fashionable shelves over the wall. Nowadays. we get plenty of alternatives on this or we can just keep them up there decorate them with paint of our choices and put those fancy ornamental plants over them. Which would enrich their beauty.

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This is so on go nowadays. Just grab a particular wall in the home put the tape in between accordingly and paint the entire thing with the same or different colors. After it dries up take out the tape in a gentle manner and wow what pretty wall you will see. This should be on the list of everyone.

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Pictures are the memories of moments we have lived, happy or sad whatever. So keeping them in our sight would be an idea no one could. Just make a list of photographs and get those pictures up, on a wall with several sticky types of glue, tape or pins or whatever we can use to keep them up. Give them a particular shape as per the comfort. This will enhance the look of a certain area.

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6. CD ART-

diy home decor

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DIY home decor

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This one is one of my favorites, I mean how old CDs could be turned out into something creative. Just grab them out of the store, clean them well with a cloth or wash and dry them to clear all dust over them.

Apply paints to them, using brushes to do painting or whatever you want to. Can choose the shiny part as it shows rainbow colors when light falls on them. When done with the thing of our choice stick then up on a wall in a particular manner. Would prefer acrylic paints for this, as they are long-lasting and vibrant as well.




DIY mirrors, DIY home decor

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Now mirrors are something which can turn a place into a better one. I mean not just the square ones but we do have plenty of choices on them, as the classy oval ones,or in several patterns and shapes. So just think how wonderful a mirror in between our drawing-room walls would look when layered with some lights, flowers, pearls or stones.
No one could resist taking a glance over it.



Dream catchers are a vibe always, their presence conveys a lot of positivity and refreshes our moods. We can make them at home as well all we need is, metal hoop, suede lace, feathers if available, big needles, and can prefer gemstones and pieces of glasses as well. They will look pretty wherever we keep them.

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dIY home decor ideas

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Posters are something that not only looks good but they hold a lot of importance as well. Maybe a line from our favorite book or poem, or any scene which we prefer. Just prop up them to the wall in symmetry and we can select the color coordination accordion to our convenience. And it is all prepared to grab someone’s attention.



DIY home decor

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They just don’t brighten up the rooms but also provide comfort to us while walking around. Nowadays we have numerous choices on this and can prefer them but have you ever come around a handmade rug.I mean at home when some old stuff is used to make them. Okay many of us just go to supermarkets and marts because we just can grab any of our choices and that is fine.

But I once came through those little pretty one’s, my grandmother made them. She found some old sweaters and the wool was so pretty but the sweater was not in a good condition so she just decided to make it and it went like she ended up finishing like 4-5. And they were so cool with variations and comfortable as well. Or for better results, we can grab attractive items, whichever colors we want, and can work with them.



diy home decor ideas

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The word very much gives us a hint on this DIY idea. We often used different bulbs at home these days. But these are something we can ass to our list. Those charming bulbs hang down close enough to the desk or table to give closure to the light. It looks so amazing. We can put them side to side in a sequence as well.


12. NEST / CAGE-

home decor ideas

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We always feel great close to nature, and these cages or nests would be perfect for one kept somewhere in our rooms. Either on top of a table or the walls. They would give those cozy vibes too. We can use certain grass or other preferable things as well such as branches or strings and can put hair spray to them as well as they have a sense of smell. Now many birds would prefer to accept them or else we can also keep them for decoration. Such as on a table, inside glasses, near to our plants or else they would go everywhere.



Now here I am not talking about crushing a new glass but from our old stuff. Maybe an old car window, some mirrors or anything else consisting of glass. Just crush them and then in any manner we can assemble those to prepare something like mentioned below in images. Or we can also paint them accordingly. This would enhance the look of the place.

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We can judge them for their scent and decorative property,I mean who does not live candles. Getting different types, shapes, colors ( would prefer acrylic paint here )and scents can be a perfect fit for our decor. Nowadays we can make them ourselves by melting a normal soy wax, as they are so easy to work with, and also we can give them a specific look or texture and can put them on base whatever we require. Andon some rainy days, sitting in dark with those cold breezes outside lighting them up, a perfect vibe I say. And the scent would add more to it all. We can find the procedure to make them over the internet, there are plenty of them.


15. KITES-

Kites, we are so familiar with them. Flying high in the sky on a normal day with little wind sounds perfect, doesn’t it? I know I know, but they can look good even when kept inside. I mean on walls of our home, kept at a certain angle giving some cool looks. We can also make them yourself, all we need is certain papers or newspaper would be cool too, and glue, scissors, masking tape, ribbons, yarn, and we are all done with them. In the kid’s room, we can draw some doodles over the paper and hang them up. There are some of the choices we can make for this purpose.

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home decor ideas

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Almost our home has some of the antique and old things kept around. They are just kept there for several years all dust over them. Such as Lamp, machines, radio, telephones. They just look classy kept at a certain place and with some artwork on them.


17. HATS-

Hats represent power, when worn on the head it has their specificity. But not many of us would have tried putting it as a decorative. As they own different shapes, sizes, and patterns. And can be kept on walls in many ways. As hung on hooks, tied together with wire mesh, in a zig-zag manner, on shelves, wall clothespins, etc. It can go on every spot if selected with accuracy.

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We are very much familiar with them, already used as eatable, not for vegetarians but yes the point is all of us are aware of it. I am adding this one here because in our school we used to have a competition we called ‘egg painting, we got to decorate and paint our eggs and it was a fun activity. When we were done, we use to keep them on tables or as decorative and got praised many times. Those were the happy days. So I think using them as decorative at home would be a perfect choice. They are easily available, easy to work with as well. A few of the examples are mentioned below and they would take you in the right direction as well.

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Books are best friends to us. The normal sheets or paper holds a lot inside and have a specific place in our life. Similarly, we need to provide them with a particular place at our home as well. Rather than keeping them hidden somewhere below tables or inside the cupboard we can keep them on wall shelves and stands. Just in a specific sequence, giving them a little bit of creativity they would be a perfect choice.

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Almost all of us are aware of plates right. But do you know those fancy plates can not only be used to have our favorite dessert or parathas on them but also can be used as decoration? Just collect a few ones in light shades or go for the perfect white ones.

Just grab some acrylic paints or other things you want to put over them and there are the best choices to fill the walls. There can be variations in the way we do artwork on them. We can add out a favorite quote or caption to it, or we can paint our favorite flower, doodle, scene geometric shapes, or whatever we want to. Anything on this, trust me anything would look amazing.

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Such an amazing concept, just grab the supplies, collect yarns, threads, cut them, and tie in any order. Hang the dowel and add tape to the wall, put the yarn boom all set. Isn’t it a simple method to follow and it will just look gorgeous around the room?

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Apart from all these, we can have a lot of other things as well. It depends on us how we want to do the work and what all things we are going to shortlist. Decorations are important to our lives as they change the entire vibes and give us a good environment. Helps in improving moods, motivates us, gives us confidence, and enhances our daily life activities as well. It not only helps us go through everything but also gives an elegant view to whoever visits our home.

Some of the other examples we can use as a home decorative, Mandala / Aipan art. Paper arts, crafts, made by us or kids, clay animals or things, flower vases with hand-made paper flowers, or ribbon flowers as well.

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