Different Exclusive Types Of Aipan Art Designs

Aipan Art designs, types of aipan art

This world has an immense source of art and artists. The artists never fail to bring their best out. And with all these here is one of the art forms which is used to know we’ll, from.it cores.’The Aipan Art’, believed to be originated from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, this folk art has made it a vivid place all over. And it has attracted a lot of people towards itself. With this nowadays we can see various new creations on this which are so much appealing about this art.

So here we will go through the Types Of Aipan Art Designs based on their specificity and importance.

As we know that they are made at very auspicious as well as significant occasions, we can see different forms at different places, for different festivals the designs varies, their meanings and purposes vary too. The beginning of any festival is initiated by these and is believed to bring good to home. The only two colours  used here make it different from rangoli and that’s the particularity of the art.

Types Of Aipan Art Designs Used On Different Occasions

  1. Saraswati Chowki

    With five-pointed stars, a swastika in the centre, and a few other floral decorations are made in adoration of the Goddess of learning ” Saraswati “. It is believed to be made at the time when the child is about to proceed the formal education. So a pooja is held for his successful beginning.

  2. Surya Darshan Chowki-

    Specifically used at the naming ceremony of a newly born child. When on the eleventh day the baby is bought out for Surya darshan. Chowki is made of floors and the pandit saying all mantras sits beside it.

  3. Syo Aipan-

    A pattern of geometry drawn against the spirits on the eleventh day after the child is born.
    The representation of “Nav Durga” is performed by nine dots within the squares which are depicted through a ‘ NAV DURGA CHOWKI ‘ decorated with lotus-like petals. A swastika is formed with nine dots. This particular pattern and type are made at the time of Devi pooja.

  4. Asan Chowki– 

It is made during a ritualistic pooja, as a husband and wife sit next to each other and is united with the several              types of chowk is used for different pujas.

     5. Janey Chowki- 

It purposed for thread ceremony practically known as Janey constitute seven stars. the seven stars symbolise the         ‘Sapt rishi’ bordered with dot-like structures. One of the very important phases of a person’s life is when they get           married. ACHARYA CHOWKI specifically is used at this event, the acharya accompanying the groom throughout          the ceremony is given respect through this chowki. In it, there is a swastika formed in red colour on the floor with           several other seamless.

    6. Dhuli  Arghya Chowki-

      It is used precisely at the wedding venue. Especially where the bride’s side welcomes the groom’s side and at the       moment he arrives he is assumed to be the representative Narayan ‘ and is welcomed with enthusiasm. He is               made     to stand on chowk and his feet are washed and the chowk has different specific symbols all over it.

     7. Vivah Chowki- 

This is in the form of the wooden seat provided by the groom’s side with a yellow colour on its backside. The                petalled  lotus is drawn with two parrots on the top.

     8. Shiv Or Shivarchan  Peethi

It is drawn on the ground during the month of Magh and savan, and lord shiva is worshipped. The design of eight          corners, twelve lines joining the twelve dots (as the centre of universe and world around it).

aipan art designs, types of aipan art designs

source: aipanart.com 

     9. Durga Chowki-

In India, Durga pooja is held two times, around April and second around Dussehra. For consecutive nine days,             this festival is celebrated around the nation with all dedication. These are believed to be the most complex                    forms. Several armed Durga riding a lion and other local divinities are symbolised all over it.

    10. Lakshmi Chowki/Yantra- 

In India we all are aware of several Hindu festivals around, and the festival of lights is a important to every one of          us   almost. We are also aware that on this occasion the ‘Goddess Laxmi’ is worshipped on  puja, her idol is seated     in     the area where the event is to be carried. This way the Goddess of wealth is honoured during this festival. The       Laxmi  chowki is all to go for the event.

types of Aipan art designs

source: aipanart.com

Types Of Aipan Art Designs Which Can Be Applied At Different Places and Things

So above we went through the different types of chowkis, now let’s see at what places and things there are certain places we can make them. As they are not specified up to only a certain place we can make them certainly at any location in our houses but with keeping certain things to mind.

  1. DOORS AND ENTRANCES-  Welcoming anyone is the key step to do and that too should be memorable. While someone enters the house the first thing they come across is the entrance and doors. So if there would be just boring arrangement to it, it won’t be a good thing for us. In this case, the aipan designs can be made.They can be anything like – flowers, geometrical shapes, lines, dots, symbols, signs, or anything. But should look presentable and attractive.
  2. KALASH / THALS–  There are several types of Kalash at home. Maybe large or small as well. And they can be painted and made attractive by drawing different aipan designs to them. A similar thing goes with thals. Their plain surface has enough space to go for beautiful artwork on it. And it would look so gorgeous at the end.
  3. MANDIR- A mandir is a place in houses that is taken special care of. And to glorify it more, we can draw aipan symbols to it or any designs according to our convenience and give it an impressive glimpse.
  4. KETTLEKettles are almost available at all our homes, mostly in village areas. So that boring-looking thing can be worked and few arts on it would give it that glorious look. Few dots, few lines, and boom, here we have a fresh and beautiful kettle prepared to showcase to the people.
  5. LAMPS  – Although with new techniques lamp-like things have almost vanished still they are available if we look for them. Just think an old lamp, and several layouts on it would do miracles, they would look way too beautiful, kept around the house or hanging between somewhere.
  6. DIYAS  Lighting the world already, this one is my second favourite  after Lamps. They worked with beautiful art looks so remarkable. And on specific occasions can be used too. Would never go out of fashion.

aipan art designs, types of Aipan Art designs


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Aipan Art designs, types of aipan art
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types of aipan art designs

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There is no limitation to art, neither to innovation. A few things I have tried other paints to and I think aipan art can be used here as well are – light bulbs, clothes, crockery, coasters, nameplates, etc.

In this way, the different Aipan designs and patterns are made all together or separately on certain occasions making them more accomplished. They may vary in designs and textures but their specialty is the same. Hence this folk art is a vital part of the culture of Uttarakhand and its people inspired by nature and myth.

As we can see lots of differences from the very beginning of the art till now. Various works are being performed in them, more changes are made and it is aimed to reach a lot of through this. The motivation, the creativity, the art itself is enough to take its place around the world and it is needed to take care of it and prevent it as it is our great asset.

Let not only the nation but the world see this. Let them get inspired and bring out the best kind of artist hidden inside. Because creativity, hope, inspiration, empathy is everywhere.


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