Here’s A List Of Ornamental Plants With Their Importance

decorative objects home Here's A List Of Ornamental Plants With Their Importance

Simplicity is best, it is believed. But sometimes get on a different track and to be different from the crowd, we need a bit of change. The way specific ornament enhances the look of an individual. they make someone confident, confident enough to achieve whatever they want. And also helps to shape their lifestyle.
Similarly, ornamental plants when kept at home enhance the surrounding and makes it look way appealing.

And with today’s time almost most of the people have them for decoration and feeling better. They please eyes and provide very pretty vibes. Many of them own flowers. And many are with leaves, giving them their importance.

So why not take out few minutes to go through some of the Ornamental plants which we can add to our baskets and learn about them.

Beginning with TULIPS, the eleventh wedding anniversary flowers. These beauties can be found in various shades, they symbolise love and are believed to be perfect. Holding diverse colours  their significance is also different. As white one, meaning forgiveness, yellow shows joyful thoughts, purple symbolises supremacy, pink ones hold enthusiasm and joy. Red shows love. They have a certain specialty as they boom at the beginning of spring and show a new beginning and rebirth.

tulip flower, Ornamental plant



PETUNIA, also a flowering plant, signifies anger and bitterness. These funnel-shaped flowers have a grand appearance and are with weak stems. They do have a specific scent by which we can easily identify their presence. They expect direct sunlight to grow and low temperature as well these are to be planted outside the room for proper growth or will not produce enough flowers and sometimes if flowers are there, they are way too small. But on top of that, they are easy to grow plants.

ornamental plants

DAFFODIL, the flowering bulbs, keep blooming season by season are the symbol of spring and friendship. These are believed to be of educational uses as cough, asthma, and all. They are also believed to bring good fortune. As their season ends they shed down and mix into the soil furnishing all nutrients to them. They are considered to be positive and strong. They often attract pollinators .these spring plants will not only look dashing but also be helpful in several places.

ornamental plants

Who doesn’t like LILIES, these remarkable flowers are the emblem of love, grief, innocence, hole, and purity? As they are also so auspicious, white lilies are part of Christians’ weddings, defining purity. So their different colours  signify different things as Pink are a sign of love, compassion, and affection. Yellow indicates joy and happiness. Purple represents pride, dignity, devotion, royalty, and passion. Orange ones are an indication of energy, warmth, and confidence.
They are the best to gift someone, their classy look makes them more essential.

ornamental plants

BAMBOO PLANT, we do love keeping the plants but sometimes we could not pay that much of our attention to it. So in such cases, these high maintenance plants are Saviour. They just kept at one place are more enough to give vibes to us. This is an indoor plant that brings out prosperity and good fortune to us. One of the hidden meanings behind the number of stalks we can keep makes it different and definite.

Here is the significance,

  1. Stalk represents commitment and truth.
  2. Stalks as a pair they have their importance, can be gifted on the wedding day.
  3. Stalks representing happiness. Can be gifted on birthdays and important occasions. 5 stalks represent the five elements of nature – air, water, fire, earth, and wood.  Then there are 6,7,8,9, 21,88,99,289 and 888 talks accordingly. This brings success in life. So this is a must-go plant.

ornamental plants

ROSE, one of the important ornamental plants, can be grown outdoor as well as indoors too, can be used in certain things.
They are found in various colours  and have their meanings as well. The red roses, a symbol of love, are so much in use worldwide to express love for each other they are given to the beloved. pink is for joy, white for purity yellow as friendship. They enhance the look wherever kept.

The pretty bloomed flowers are attractive enough to grab sight of anyone. With these properties, they also can be used as medicines and for other purposes. Helps to treat sore throat, can be used as oil too. They are also used to obtain perfume, with different fragrances. It is also believed to act as an antiseptic and is an anti-inflammatory agent. Also can be used in the skin as a moisturiser. So with all this importance, they are the favourite  to many and it is quite obvious as well.

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CHERRY BLOSSOM, only seen for a brief period, they are plenty in numbers grown all around in pink and white pretty colours. They represent life, the new origin, and freshness they are believed to bring good fortune home. According to Chinese beliefs, they represent love and feminine beauty. Their presence brings joy in life and happy times are believed to approach. They also indicate farmers that now can start growing their crops, as per the Japanese community. Their sweet scent brings a lot of sweetness to life.

ornamental plants

One of the most wonderful flowering plants brings lots of good luck and charm to the doorsteps.

ORCHIDS have a life span of about 20-22years, throughout their lifetime they represent beauty and grab everyone’s attention. It represents love and strength. These plants can go for like 2-3 weeks without water. Like roses, also have different colours, representing different meanings as well.

As the red one represents love and romance, this is the colour  of belonging of togetherness. Pink being a pretty colour represents grace. Purple presenting royalty, orange represents bravery and pride. Green goes for prosperity and good health. Blue being extremely rare denotes luxury. While purity, peace, hope is represented by white orchids. These are native to tropical climates so are good to keep in bathrooms and all.

pexels photo 2567789 Here's A List Of Ornamental Plants With Their Importance

PAPER FLOWER (BOUGAINVILLEA GLABRA), This 1-3 I’m long flower is a favourite to many. They are termed as ‘paper flower’/because of their thin and papery structure. This semi climber glorifies wherever it is kept. It has many benefits as well Lucas helps in treating cough, relieves fever, treats diarrhoea and acts as an anti-diabetic, helps in controlling cholesterol. They grow in moist soil and annually. They not only look wonderful but also beautiful in the house. One should go for these.

photo 1527814750124 cd0a64d22bb9 Here's A List Of Ornamental Plants With Their Importance

MONEY PLANT, the name itself says a lot. Keeping it in homes brings good wealth. Draws a lot of positivity, good luck, and great things to life. It not only helps to grow but also purifies the air, helps us create a calm environment. It kickstarts all goodness and helps to improve our bonds with each other. It grows well indoors and that too in direct sunlight. Can grow in both water and soil as well. But should be kept at only either of these places forever. It is a strong air purifier and can be kept in our bedrooms. One should have these at home.

photo 1589999251554 21789097351f Here's A List Of Ornamental Plants With Their Importance

ALOE VERA, this is grown worldwide. Having varieties all over the globe. But one of the most important is ‘aloe barbedness  Miller’ having a lot of beneficial and medicinal uses it is mostly used around. It helps in treating a ton of ailments. Let it be allergies, cuts, skin problems, or whatever it turns out to be a saviour.

It’s gel-like component holds a lot of benefits that can be applied to burns or scratches. Applying it on the face helps in moisturising the skin and preventing acne. The antimicrobial agents in it can help prevent bacteria as well. No wonder why we call it the ‘Wonderland ‘.

photo 1567689265664 1c48de61db0b Here's A List Of Ornamental Plants With Their Importance


HOSTA, the symbol of friendship and commitment. They are also termed friendship plants they show a variety of colours  fading the green one. Just like we don’t need to maintain friendship a lot similarly hosta is low maintenance as well. If proper care is provided it can live up to 30 years and more.

This is a widely cultivated plant. They have their economic importance and give better results when grown in shades. They are attractive and have various shapes, sizes, and colours  as well.

pexels photo 6755812 Here's A List Of Ornamental Plants With Their Importance

DAYLILY, are just like lilies but the only difference is that they grow in the daytime and close their petals at night. It indicates good luck, and sacrifice made by a mother for her child. Their different shape, size, and colours  play important roles in meaning and symbols. We can get the best of them in dull exposure to the sun. They symbolise peace, innocence hope, and faith. We should add this to our list to enhance it.

photo 1595054357594 399ace3ee347 Here's A List Of Ornamental Plants With Their Importance

ornamental plants


These are the few picks we can get to glorify our houses and gardens. Many of them are indoor or many are outdoor plants. But wherever we put them they will enhance the surrounding. These plants not only give an attractive look but also provides different health benefits too. And make everything better around. Apart from the above, we can have other plants too as per availability in our area. A few of them are – Marigold, Periwinkle, Heart of Jesus, China pink, Tulsi, Bellflower, Anise hyssop or Agastache, violets, silver nerve plant, snake plant, a string of pearls, air plant, etc.

ornamental plants

Apart from all these you can pick flowers with your suitability and decorate them in anything which looks attractive and appealing.

Some other ornamental plants you can fit the list are-  

  • Cape Ivy (Senecio angulates)- It is anti-inflammatory, detoxifies the body, and also can be used for skin care. It also has some antibacterial characteristics.ornamental plants


  • Asparagus Densiflorous is believed to have medicinal properties. It covers the surface beautifully and also prevents soil erosion. 
  • Iresene, having more than 25+ varieties is gorgeous and a perfect houseplant to keep. 
  • Crotons are another kind of plant whose seeds are used to make oils. They have beautiful leaves and look dashing kept in perfect lights.

Ornamental plants are something that adds value and embellish around so you can just pics some by yourself and can decorate them according to your preferences.

ornamental plants

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