Ideas To Dress Up The Walls And Give Them A Magnificent Look

Ideas To Dress Up The Walls

So we people love to dress up and get ready. It just makes us feel good and gives us confidence too. The same goes for the walls in our homes. They play an important part in the overall look of the house. They not only support the planks, roof, and floor but also enhance the way our houses look. Good paint and efficient work on them can make a huge difference. They symbolise protection and every wall has its own story. So here we will be going through the ideas of how we can make them win everyone’s eye over them and give an extraordinary glimpse.

When it comes to ideas to dress up the walls we have to decide accordingly, looking towards the walls we are targeting. It depends on which room are we working with and how we want to carry it further. and also we can have plenty of ideas to work on, some can be affordable for some, we just got to cross the line. But in the end, it is going to be worth it. The walls are going to speak on our behalf, they will be screaming our story.

Let’s dive into the best Ideas to dress up the walls

Paper art/ Wallhanging-

Starting from the very first, this one I have tried as well. we can just grab old newspapers or chart paper or color papers of our choice. Keeping in mind the colors of the walls so which one would match perfectly to the walls. It’s the easiest, fun as a well affordable option I think. The kids can be involved here and several paper arts can be made to perform the task.

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Wall Hooks & Hangers-

Sometimes we don’t want to put things over walls, but we need to put our medals, keys or other things over there, so in order not to look dull or dry, instead of those normal hooks and handles we can busy fancy one’s. They would look way too attractive and perfect. they enhance the outlook as well, even an empty one would not look as over there.

ideas to dress up walls


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Stickers/ Decals-

These are largely used items these days. The different variety of these things are available on online sites as well as we can get from a reasonable market too. They are easy to go with. Just in the form of stickers, we need to bring and take them out and find an accurate location to set them.

Here too we should go for vinyl wall decals, they are most considerable. They vary in types as well. Such as we can go for beautiful butterflies for the kid’s room walls, or birds, or flowers. If your partner is so into action movies or superheroes there are 3D wall stickers available as well. Which are the best choices one could ever make. Or whatever we prefer we can keep it that way.

ideas to dress up walls


Fancy looks sexy, okay the next one is quite a favourite. Although I came across this in a very recent time, this is way too promising and I can bet on this, we won’t regret doing this. The PLATES, yea you read it correctly. This item from our crockery not only can be used for putting bread and chapati over it but also can be hung on the wall. A little artistic work, painting or doodle, whatever we want it to be like on it can bring the best out of it, we can get the hooks and other things to put them in and it is going to be great. I would recommend them above the dining table wall, as it would be the perfect place to be.

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ideas to dress up walls

The Ideas to dress up the walls comes so handily, which means you can j pick a thing and put it somewhere keeping in mind that it fits there and the rest is all the magic you create with your imaginations.


Paintings and Drawings-

Life is so boring without colors, a little color to things can make a huge difference. And if you are a painter or artist then any of your artwork can be used. You can just pick whichever is close to you by any means or the one you’re favourite . Just frame it and put it on the wall. Every time you will pass through it, you will feel that connection with it, the satisfaction, the feeling, it’s so pure I tell you. and something like that over walls is the perfect thing to be.

ideas to dress up walls

Quotes & Captions-

Whatever we do with our heart or comes from inside should be treasured. And everyone has that thing hidden inside. Or the motivation we have or we get it from someone. It leads us to heights always. So any of the lines from a poem, song, or quote that brings that courage to you should be over the walls. Can just get it printed or quoted on paper and get it laminated or framed.

ideas to dress up walls

Photographs and Photo Frames-

Memories are forever, the moments may pass but they stay. Sometimes in albums or CDs cameras. However, we can treasure these precious moments. All those photographs kept somewhere, dusting or just kept there for long deserves to be out. Just get your best ones photo framed and over the walls in a particular sequence, they will stay there till the end. And same we can print out the photographs from. our cameras and hung them over threads with our fairy lights. That would be so amazing.

ideas to dress up the walls

Showpiece Racks-

So apart from these direct contact to wall list, here we move to the next one. We just can get a few wall racks or shelves. And not only our photos or frames but we can out those small ornamental plants over there too. Or showcase our prizes, trophies, achievements. The wall of memories. The wall of records. This would be so inspiring and motivating too. We can also arrange books over there, in a particular arrangement.

ideas to dress up the walls

Mirror- Your reflection is your story, the mirrors on the walls I think are a brilliant idea. They just not only reflect the light but make the entire environment appealing. Can go for oversized or little ones, can vary in shapes. As some elegant pieces are so much in use – we can consider the style, type, color, shape accordingly.

ideas to dress up the walls


Time is the most important asset and for the perfect time, we need a perfect clock. And a clock on the wall can make a huge difference. It would enrich the entire look as well as look classy too. In clocks, we have plenty of options like we can have a simple clock or a one with pendulum, or the one with roman numbers, or the one with, minute second and hour keys and the books around showing the time through their titles ( this is on my to-do list ).

ideas to dress up the walls

Or there can be plenty of them out there. You just need to go and grab whichever you want to.

ideas to dress up the walls

Apart from these, we can go for anything we want to and would be reasonable to fit here. Few lighting would work, and other arts and crafts, which we can consider to be giving a good look to them can be kept. Walls are important, they must be well decorated, they are responsible for the overall quality of the room we are in. And it does make a huge difference.

ideas to dress up the walls

Apart from all the things we have gone through in the above article you can show your creative sides too. As if you do some artwork and that is needed to be seen by people. And it will look so elegant out there. You can also grab some old antique things and paint them, give them life and crate something decorative out of them.

Old lamps, chimneys, photos, kettles, glasses, and all can be used for adding extra charm to the scene.

So, hopefully from next time when you will be having doubts about finding good results for Ideas to dress up the walls you can grab plenty of ideas from here.


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